Ivory Couture Clothing Co. is a Pret-a-Porter, Premium Denim, and Couture American Fashion House headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. 

Birthed out of our founders passion for feminine vintage attire,admiration of historic french fashion houses, and wonderment for fine arts, our brand is dedicated to creating elegant and opulently tailored garments that celebrates the valiant spirit that every woman owns brilliantly and BOLDLY! 

Since our official launch in 2015 at New York Fashion Week, Ivory Couture has contiuned its growth as a recognizable emerging women's luxury brand that's experienced a dramatic upshift in popularity after showing it's A/W collection at New York Fashion Week in 2017. 

Since establishment in 2014, the luxury brand has been featured in several syndicated national and internationally recognized fashion publications such as British Vogue along with being recognized as one of the top 25 brands to watch of 2017 by Gladys magazine.


Our commitment to creating quality made women's garments that embodies sophistication, compliments the beauty of femininity, and wears well is what has 

ultimately established Ivory Couture Clothing Co. as an American Made brand synonymous with luxury.

We are dedicated to making sure that every pair of jeans sold is of the highest quality and our customer gets ultimate joy out of wearing Ivory Couture Premium Denim for many years! Click here to find out about our Blue Jean Restoration Guarantee & Revival Services.

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