Bella Ivory

Founder-CEO / Creative Director


Bella Ivory is a very creative, motivated, ambitious, and passionate fashion designer who is the founder, owner and Creative Director of Ivory Couture Clothing Co.


She has over 15 years of experience as a fashion professional who has always been destined to become an entrepreneur. In 2006 Bella launched NRIStyles in Atlanta. GA, a fashion / wardrobe styling boutique that catered to celebrity clients, fashion magazines, and music production teams. Upon relocating back to Los Angeles, Bella focus on building her career with the ultimate goal of establishing herself as a renown denim designer. In Los Angeles, she has designed seasonal collection for prestigious premium denim brands which paved the way for her to launch NRIStyles, LLC dba Ivory Couture Clothing Co. in 2014 head quarter in Los Angeles CA.


Bella Ivory, as followed in her fathers footsteps, is an artist my nature who has a great appreciation for various art mediums, believes that her passion for the arts is what inspires much of what she creates as a fashion designer. Her love of art is also why she was moved to structure her beloved company in the likelihood of historical renewed French Fashion Houses.


Ivory Couture Clothing Co. is an American Fashion House that caters to the modern women that appreciate quality made garments which wears well, compliments her femininity and own a very classic chic design aesthetic. The brand strengths lies in introducing semi-annual luxury collections which has the appeal of esteemed vintage French Fashion House’s. Our garments owns an opulent tailored fit that incorporates simple lines and graceful color palettes.


In September 2015, Bella Ivory was invited to present her debut Spring / Summer 2016 collection with AMCONYC at New York Fashion Week. Since then, Bella showed for a second time with AMCONYC her greatly anticipated A/W 2017 collection and has been featured in int'l and national fashion publications. Her A/W 2017 presentation has been well received by industry elites and is providing the designer with exciting growth opportunities which are quickly solidifying Ivory Couture as a recognizable emerging company of luxury brands. 

Bella believes that her faith has provided her with every opportunity not only to be creative but to also do as much to help, inspire, and encourage others. Her ultimate goal is to give back, uplift and open up opportunities within her fashion house for, design students, emerging designers and creative minds.



"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." Luke 12:48